Window Cleaning

Your home is your number one investment and having your windows cleaned on a regular basis will keep your home attractive and eliminate potential problems in the future. The exterior of a window must age in the elements and will endure rain, snow, high winds, smoke, smog, extreme temperatures ranging from low to high, etc. If the interior and exterior of the window is not cleaned, this will cause damage over time and diminish the visibility. Ignoring window maintenance will potentially blow a seal causing your windows to fog over time; dirt build up and calcium deposit will permanently ruin the visibility, and/or mold will begin to grow which can affect the health of your home occupants.

Window Magik has the experience and solution for any size home! Our goal is to keep our clients safe and off of dangerous ladders!

We will assess the needs of your home and execute the safest and most efficient way possible to clean the windows. All technicians have been trained to do this without compromising the safety of your home, themselves or others around them. With our environmentally friendly service, there’s no need to worry about hazardous chemicals entering your home. We cover all ladders/equipment that come into contact with your home to assure that no paint is scratched or marks left. Using ladders, extension poles, or water-fed tucker pole systems, we will provide outstanding quality that will leave your windows sparkling! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our re-occurring maintenance program makes it so you never have to remember to call us and keeps your house looking great year round! Sign into a contract that best fits your needs and we will call the previous day before we come out to remind you of your service! Take advantage of our re-occurring maintenance program and receive discounts such as:

One time Annually - 5% off
Twice Annually - 10% off
Three times Annually - 15%off
Four times Annually - 20%off
Monthly- Please call for special discount.

Do you have a drop-off around your home or a window that just can’t be reached with a ladder? We specialize in Rope Access window cleaning. Our trained Rope Access Technicians are fully certified to set up a rope system that will allow them to safely ascend or descend to the hard to reach window. We also do painting, caulking or any other type of work that needs to be done at height.


When we put together your bid for your home, we will count all the window panes and use the following information. Small panes are grouped together to count as 1 and large panes would be counted as 2. We are reasonable when putting together a bid and work with you to give you the best deal possible!

Interior/Exterior: $4.00 per pane
Interior or Exterior only: $3.00 per pane