Sign Cleaning

The sign for your business is a key element to your professional image and can also attract drive-by customers in the door. If your sign is compromised by dirt, mold, old paint, bird droppings, etc. you have the potential to lose customers or important information can be missed. If your sign consists of light bulbs, it is important to change and clean them. Regular sign cleaning and maintenance will keep your business visible to new customers and let people know that your establishment is clean and well taken care of! There are various types of cleaning/maintenance methods such as: pressure washing, green cleaning, hand cleaning, etc. Our technicians access your signs with ladders, extension poles, or man lifts, depending on what type of service your sign needs. We also offer a re-occurring maintenance program, so there’s no need to remember to call us. We will assess the needs of your sign cleaning/maintenance and choose the safest most efficient way to keep your sign attractive!