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Window Cleaning- Having your windows cleaned on a regular basis will keep your building attractive and eliminate potential problems in the future. The exterior of a window must age in the elements and will endure rain, snow, high winds, smoke, smog, extreme temperatures ranging from low to high, etc. If the interior and exterior of the window is not cleaned, this will cause damage over time and diminish the visibility. Ignoring window maintenance will potentially blow a seal causing your windows to fog over time; dirt build up and calcium deposit will permanently ruin the visibility, and/or mold will begin to grow which can affect the health of the building occupants.

Window Magik has the experience and solution for any size building!


Depending on your needs, we can clean any type of high-rise or commercial building windows.


We have a crew that can finish any commercial building, skyrise or other building in one day.

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A pressure washing is needed for many buildings to keep the property clean and sightly and passing by your Maintenance Program



The sign for your business is a key element to your professional image and can also attract drive-by customers in the door.



It is important to have the interior and exterior your building inspected regularly. The structure could be deteriorating without your knowledge.


Install & Repair

Do you have glass in your window that is foggy or is the visibility completely diminished? Let our elite glass experts solve the problem!



The storefront of your establishment is the first thing your customer is going to see when walking in or driving by.



New buildings, homes or remodels will leave your windows a mess and requires special attention to restore them to a clean look.

1-4 Stories

We will assess the needs of each building and execute the safest and most efficient way possible to clean the windows. All technicians have been trained to do this without compromising the safety of your building, themselves or others around them. Using ladders, extension poles, or water-fed tucker pole systems, we will provide outstanding quality that will leave your windows sparkling! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

4+ Stories

Work at height needs to be done by someone that is qualified, experienced, and can perform if an emergency situation ever arises. Our Rope access technicians have gone through extensive training and are always updated with the newest gear and latest techniques. Our Rope Access technician’s skills include:

-Certified through the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT)
-10,000+ Hours on a 2 rope system
-First Aid/CPR Training
-Rescue Training

We will assess the needs of your building and prepare a Job Hazard Analysis before any work commences. A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is a detailed plan of the job and also includes, potential hazards and how to mitigate them, emergency contact information, etc. After the plan is written and reviewed with the client, we will then begin work with a 2 rope system, swing stage, and/or man lift. We will provide outstanding quality that will leave your windows sparkling! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Property Managers & Commercial Property Managers

Window Magik also handles scope of work specifications, bid solicitation, evaluation, and contract administration. Give your business a facelift with our commercial remodeling & renovation services. Use our form below to request a bid.

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